Universal CPE – uCPE

We no longer need to have a single piece of hardware dedicated to a single function. Virtualisation combined with a robust Network Operating system now enables us to combine multiple functions and applications onto a single piece of hardware.

uCPE (or Universal Customer Premise Equipment) is essentially a compute platform that hosts multiple virtual appliances. Typically installed at the edge of the network, in an organisation’s sites and locations. This platform is a commercial off the shelf (COTS) product available from numerous hardware vendors with various configurations to suit each customer’s set of requirements.

On the hardware platform there is a Network Operating System that provides both connectivity and the ability to host an array of Virtual Network Function (VNFs) and other services and applications.

When installed at organisations site, a single uCPE device will take the place of several single-use, vendor specific appliances by running multiple virtual instances of Firewalls, SD-WAN, WAN Optimisation, Monitoring, Encryption, routers, 5G Solution, IOT Gateways, Apps and much, much more.

These VNFs and Services (from most of the major vendors) can be easily deployed to sites through full orchestration and management.

Flexibility, support and agility are all major benefits of replacing closed appliances with your choice of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) on uCPE hardware that can be hosted anywhere in the network.