NFV solutions for Service Providers

How do you currently deliver additional Services to your customers?

As the NFV market continues to grow and evolve, the uCPE solution is becoming a key technology for Service Providers to deliver customer requirements. No longer do you need to cater for a wide array of hardware platforms to support your solutions. Now, you can deliver services virtually to the customer premise in a fraction of the time and build a satisfied and loyal customer base.

U-CPE has the services that you need to get to market first. We can either help you build an internal, on premise system or a fully managed ‘white-labelled’ solution that will host the VNFs of your choice. 

Our team has the skills and the experience to help you every step of the way:

  • Design Services
  • Planning
  • Management Software build
  • uCPE Configuration
  • Remote management of In-House MANO
  • Monitoring of MANO & uCPE
  • Integration services
  • Hardware & Throughput testing and reports
  • Service chain creation and validation
  • Deployment
  • Software (VNF) installation 
  • Documentation (Operation Guides)
  • Go to Market assistance
  • Customer requirements evaluation
  • Productisation
  • Full, Managed Solution

We can be your NFV deployment Partner

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