Turning the uCPE vision into an achievable reality

At u-cpe.com we firmly believe in Universal CPE technology, and the vast array of benefits it has the potential to bring all organisations – be they small, medium, large enterprises or Telcos of any size.

Our mission is to enable easy and risk free uCPE adoption for everyone.

As nearly all the uCPE Vendors will tell you: One of the many key areas of benefit is choice. The customer has the ability to run what they want to run and where they want to run it. This powerful feature has led many Vendors to present their customers with a myriad of options that can make the adoption of uCPE appear somewhat complex and with too many steps and decision points.

When looking to deploy uCPE, most often organisations will select and then purchase the uCPE software solution from one vendor, choose the hardware platform from another, build and configure their management platform, install the software on the hardware (sometimes having to wait a long time for the vendor to develop and deliver their custom build), get the devices to the sites – and then be in a position to think about delivery of the VNFs they require.

A simplified, scalable, and powerful approach to uCPE deployment

We often receive feedback that this deployment complexity can make the upfront costs and engineering requirements a barrier to entry for many organisations – especially if you are looking to deploy a network with less than a few hundred sites.

Our approach is to give our customers a complete solution – immediately. We have designed a range of packages that enable our customers to order pre-built, turn-key solutions with cloud-based management – ready to go – and can utilise any Virtual Network Function (VNF) and any carrier network. Even a mix of VNFs and carriers – No lock in.

u-cpe.com packages

We have teamed up with ENEA and Advantech to deliver you a very easy to deploy managed solution. With these packages you receive:

Cloud Hosted Management platform, ready to go. No need for you to build from the ground up, our solution is ready for you when the devices arrive. Our uCPE experts do the full management of the entire solution – from design to operation.

Hardware that is fully configured when shipped. No software installation or configuration is required when the uCPE Hardware arrives on site, we have done the work already. Additionally, the device has been tested and added to the management platform. A full range of sizes and interfaces to meet any branch requirements.

Full support from u-cpe.com. If there are any issues along the way, log a case with us and we will handle it. Regardless if it is software or hardware, we own the case from start to finish.


SD-WAN + Firewall

To add even more value to our packaged solutions, we build on the base bundles above by supplying and managing a range of Virtual Networking Functions to meet your needs. Our SD-WAN and Firewall Bundle includes a fully managed u-cpe.com solution bundled with Flexiwan SD-WAN and a Firewall.

This is available as a fully managed option – or we can manage the uCPE only and leave the SD-WAN and firewall management to our customers or partners.

Given the excellent value and technology, we have Flexiwan as part of our packaged offering. We can also fully support your choice of any SD-WAN solution.  

Compete Choice

Our bundles are designed to make the deployment of Universal CPE an easy process. With our Packages have full choice of:

  • Which Carrier to Use. Or deploy using a mix of carriers. Our solution can be deployed across any network giving you the freedom to select the best connectivity for your network, without being locked in.
  • What VNFs you select. With a massive range of VNFs from many Vendors – even server images – you will be able to deploy the services across your network that you require. Instantly. There is no vendor lock.
  • Hardware and Interfaces: We can match the hardware to meet your requirements. Enable Scalability to run multiple VNFs on the one appliance for today’s needs as well as tomorrow and beyond. The u-cpe hardware supports not just copper and fibre Ethernet connections, but also WiFi, 4G/5G/LTE, 10 Gigabit Ethernet and beyond. Our base packages are built on Advantech hardware with availability throughout APJ today and expanding soon, we can tailor these solutions to meet your individual hardware requirements and platform of choice. We also support a BYO approach for those who need the solution to run on their own hardware.

Find Out More

Email us:  info@u-cpe.com – we are always happy to work on your requirements and give you details and pricing on our packages.


We like to work through our partners across Asia Pacific and Japan (and soon EMEA) to deliver the best results to customers. Our Hybrid model enables the use of our platform to deliver any services to your customers – we manage the box, and you can deliver and manage the services. Open new revenue streams and gain a competitive advantage. Email us at info@u-cpe.com to find out more.