The Benefits of U-CPE

In a typical network deployment, you may have several single-use appliances to provide services to the users. These could be router, firewall, SD-WAN, Monitoring, Encryption, WAN Optimisation and other appliances.

With U-CPE these services are no longer delivered as separate hardware appliances but are deployed as virtual instances to a single device that is centrally managed, orchestrated and maintained. Nearly all the major vendors now have the option to supply their physical appliances as virtual.

Let us look at some of the main benefits of the U-CPE approach:

Flexibility: With U-CPE we are bringing the benefits of the cloud to the branch network. The virtual approach gives you the opportunity to deploy the services that you need to the users that need them easily and efficiently. As an example: if you were to deploy a new firewall to your branches using physical appliances you will need to go through a process of ordering equipment, configuring it, shipping it to the required location with a technician, having it cabled and connected to the network correctly. This can cause a significant delay in deployment. With a U-CPE solution the firewall is configured in MANO and pushed over the network to all the branches that require it.

Agility: U-CPE gives you the ability to change your network configuration on demand. If you have delivered an SD-WAN solution that is based on “Vendor A” but your change in requirements and technology means that “Vendor B” is now a better fit, it is easy to reconfigure your branches from the MANO console immediately. No need to order new hardware and do a site by site replacement.

Future Proof: With a U-CPE solution you can support what your network needs today and be ready for what it needs in the future. You will have the ability to push future virtual machines to the required locations when they are needed.

Break Vendor Lock-In: With the open architecture of the U-CPE you can be free of vendor lock in. By decoupling the software from the hardware, you are no longer restricted to the physical appliances dictated by the vendor. Change supplier without the need to change hardware.

Choice: U-CPE enables you to have full choice over what you deploy. You have the ability to select the Hardware, Virtual Appliances and Apps that best suit your unique needs and environment. We even enable to choose the best carrier and network technology for each site. Avoiding vendor lock-in and being tied to a carrier leads to great flexibility and cost savings. Learn more about choice:

Security: Enhance the security of your network with the ability to deliver the needed security solutions to the correct locations quickly and efficiently, while being able to change rapidly when required. U-CPE also offers a Secured uCPE for high grade, efficient Encryption of traffic.

Scalability: U-CPE solutions are designed to scale to meet the ever changing and growing requirements of the customer.

Cost: U-CPE will enable you to deploy a superior network while also saving money. Cost saving are achieved through the following:

  • Less Hardware: Rather than having multiple, single function appliances in each location, we can now consolidate to one COTS appliance. This reduces not only the initial hardware purchase but also the hardware maintenance required, and the number of hardware refreshes that need to occur per site.
  • Efficient Power: A reduction in Hardware is also going to lead to increased efficiencies in Power Consumption, Cooling and Required Rack Space.
  • Reduced Operational Costs: With a U-CPE solution you will see a significant reduction in travel costs to the branch locations. With the Centralised MANO platform managing the orchestration and delivery of Virtual Appliances to a single device, there is very little need for technicians to visit site. Inbuilt to every U-CPE platform is a High Performance Virtual Switch that connects the Virtual Appliances – re-cabling the virtual devices can now be done remotely.
  • No Shipping Cost: When you have the U-CPE in your network, deploying a new service is now simply done over the wire – no need to freight equipment or send a technician to site.

Environment: Less Hardware due to the efficiency of the U-CPE solution leads to a reduction in power, cooling and freight. With fewer refresh cycles there is also a significant reduction in manufacturing requirements and disposal of obsolete equipment. Additionally, a centrally manged virtual solution reduces the need for technicians to travel to the various site location.

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