Introducing the Secured U-CPE

Is your data secure?

Protecting your data is becoming more and more important. The amount of attacks is ever increasing as is the use of networks that are not inherently secure.

While many have focussed heavily on data at rest, and built solutions that protect this data, it is just as important to focus on data in motion. When data leaves your offices and locations, is it always passing through a safe Network? Is it at risk of interception by cyber criminals? Is there the potential that sensitive data can be leaked?

The cost of breaches to organisations can be extreme – it can cost money, your Intellectual Property and harm your reputation.


The Secured U-CPE.

At the heart of the solution is Military Grade Encryption that is embedded into the U-CPE. This encryption is not only highly secure but increases efficiency and throughput.




With the Secured U-CPE solution you can build an underlying, high grade encryption strategy to encrypt all data in flight, regardless of the network. The encryption solution runs on the U-CPE, in the Data Centre and in the cloud: enabling the organisation to leverage direct to internet connectivity for cloud services while maintain robust and highly secure encryption.

The Secured U-CPE encryption solution runs independently of any other Virtual Functions running on the uCPE to enable maximum security. Rather than rely on IPSec encryption on a Firewall or SD-WAN (which may not be present in every site) the U-CPE encryption enables you to have consistent and highly secure encryption across your entire network.

Some of the many benefits include:

  • Branch to Branch, Branch to DC and Branch to Cloud High Grade Encryption.
  • Encrypt over any network, including 4G/5G
  • Securely connect over any Telco and enable different connections per branch.
  • Centralised Management
  • Bandwidth Efficient Technology for higher throughput

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